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      Earth was no longer the same. Many things have changed when demons come. They called themselves vampires, but they were not like those from fairytales that tell of bad children. These were much more perfect and most of them were stylish. They had their own societies. Unlike their predecessors they could walk freely, not only at night but during the day without fear of daylight.

     They were much stronger than before and they were not afraid of anything. They sowed darkness and there was nobody to stop them. People also have changed after their appearance. Their blood was contaminated and they were demons waiting to be awakened. If they drinking blood or be bitten by a vampire they become like them. Sounds ugly and sinister, but it’s the truth as painful to be.

     The world no longer belonged to the people although they still don’t know it. All lived in a delusion without being aware of it. They served and interacted with the demons and they were not even aware of it.

     Over time, things began to change in the vampire community. Some became merciful and compassionate towards people. They neglect their own evil nature to help others ‘inferior’ creatures, as they called them. This is considered treason, and every ‘repentant’ vampire was persecuted and executed as a traitor. The power began increasingly to tempt and crazy demons. They are killing each other not only thirsty for blood, but for unlimited power. In all this chaos there was another change that had great importance for the developments. As already mentioned the ‘good’ vampires were persecuted. But with time and this has changed. From the victims they have become hunters. They began to pursue his fellows and to liquidate them for the benefit of mankind, to which they no longer belonged.

    Sounds strange and illogical, but this is exactly what happened. Among leaders, or rather the greatest of them also joined ‘The good’ thanks to one of his trusted soldiers. The name of this leader was Kamael. He looked like a boy, but behind this innocent mask hid quite old and powerful vampire. He along with his General Gabriel learned to not kill the already suffering population and to protect them. It was not easy because the number of demons grew with each passing day. There was no day on which any echoes ringing of funeral bells. Every day a family lost dear one who later became a ruthless executioner.

     You can be sure that my words are true because I was there and I’m still after so many years. And I like many others I was doomed on eternal life, but unlike them I chose to live as a drifter. Browsing the world killing my own kind. I became an assassin, as people say. Only that I was not looking for payment. Reached me to know that I can avenge the curse on those who threw it to me.

    My name was Tamara and I will tell you about my live and the world in which I lived. World whose future depends on who will prevail.


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