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    Let’s start with: ‘What is SST?’ This is called Supernatural Special Team. Team, that deals with special cases associated with supernatural events and crimes. Of course, they work perfectly legal as the Police Department. Something like a demon hunters to the police. The president of the country ordered the creation of this team. The cops did not like SST. They call them with different names, most commonly used: ‘ a bunch of crazy lunatics with guns.’

     Why the existence of the Unit is necessary? Well, the reason is simple. The supernatural beings (those who should not exist or so-called ‘fairy creatures’) decided to not hide anymore. Exactly for that they made them part of society. And as you’ve probably guessed,not everyone agreed with this. However, who wants to be surrounded by murderers or potential ones? For this the department was created, to deal with them.

     Originally the Team had only human members. But once it became clear that people are not sufficient, the chief took quite a difficult decision. They recruited several… non-human beings. While the witches and wizard (in all its varieties, including necromancers) are considered mid range. Initially the voltage was pretty high, but over times this changed. People and the others began to live in a relatively harmonious relationship.

     How I know all this? Let’s say that I have experience with this… Organization. But it has yet to understand.

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Mold… Dust… What’s that smell? The air was permeated with it. I tried to open my eyes, but my first attempt was not very successful. But I did not give up. I tried again and after several unsuccessful attempts I succeeded. I felt like something hit me. or maybe this is how it feels to have a hangover? (Not that I was drunk). I do not know.
I saw my brother and sister. They looked shocked and scared. I dared not ask them anything because I knew that I would not like the answer. I did not see our parents. I did not saw our parents. My heart was beating like crazy. I got up with difficulty and James reached out to me. I crept up to him and snuggled with my sister. She was crying. Yes, I certainly had no desire to see what is happening around me. But after it directly affects US, it's better to know where we are, so we can deal with it.
At one time, I thought we were moving. Slowly, but still moving. This is barely noticeable. Curiosity won out over fear. I stood up and approached the two steps leading to the door. I went in slowly and looked over my shoulder. James was right behind me. I reached out and grabbed the lock. It wasn’t locked. The door creaked and opened. The weather was bright and smelled of water. Sea? Ocean? No, more like a river. When we went out we were on the small ship. It was wooden and had canvases. I blinked a few times. Yes, we sailed. All around US were in gorgeous colors. There were no sign of the world we knew. There were other people like us, confused and frightened. The crew were moving back and forth and doing there job. I noticed that they're from different races, however Asians were prevalent. Have we somehow stumbled in Asia? But this pure nature… What the hell happened?
Someone gave orders. Must be the captain. My brother went to him, as did Lydia, but I was fascinated by the sight. I could not take my eyes off this view. But I was surprised at how fluent James was. Even stranger was that I clearly kneow what they said. I think it was… Japanese? Yes, it was. But I heard and other languages: English, German, French, Chinese, and even Italian. I shook my head quickly. It was not safe to relax.
Suddenly my stomach told me that I was hungry. I blushed. i was startled when someone approached me. Wow… Well, he was nearly two meters. He looked like a fighter. I blinked at him and he laughed.
-Don’t be afraid, kid. I’m Hiro.
-I… I’m Bea.
-You must be hungry.
I nodded. I really was. I still don't understand how it's possible to understand what this Japanese man tells me. Even so, I'd take the chance to see what's happening, so I followed him. He gave me fried fish and rice and doesn't lose sight of me. Although he was very kindly, he did not trust me. I get it. And I would do the same. But now I couldn't stop cramming food in.
-Take your time.
-I’m sorry. I just…
-The man and the girl with whom you are with...
-My brother and my sister. Excuse me, sir… Have you seen our parents?
-No. Only you three. Recently, strange people have appeared.
-Strange? Foreigners?
-Dressed like you… weird.
I blinked and ate the food. Thanked. In the words of the sailor, we are not in Asia. Not the one we know. Parallel… Different. A world that looks like ours, but it's not. I tried to question him further, but he was called away to work. I stayed on the deck. I heard that they would leave us on the port. We have nothing. No money, no food, no clothes. Nothing. But my brother arranged for us to work on the ship. There were a few days until we arrived, so we could start working to earn some money. Cleaning, helping in the kitchen...Whatever we could. James and I worked silently. But Lydia never stopped complaining, murmuring about her broken nails. Silly, given the circumstances.
Although we tried, at night we were so tired we couldn't stay awake. We couldn't see each other during the day and we really wanted to speak about something. No matter what. Only that did not work. I don't know about my brother and sister, but I had a strange dreams. I don't remember it exactly, but I know that I was frightened and upset. It woke me up early. At least I found friends on this ship.Everybody is amazing, good people. I just couldn't stop thinking about our parents. Lydia cried and James was always serious even when he smiled. But I didn't react so emotionally. I was just meant to be. I operated on autopilot.I couldn't even smile using my strength.
I really felt lonely when we reached the port. They gave us money and supplies, but it is not easy to say “goodbye “to friends. Hiro told me not to worry because I’m smart and I can do it. I almost cried. But I kept myself together and smiled. We walked quickly through the village. There wasn’t a city, or at least not like. It seemed to me that we’re in an old movie about ninjas. But people don't stare at us like we're aliens. Well, yes. Still wearing clothes like the locals. We saw other people like us on this place. Like we were caught in world where wasn't separation of the states. I would say that I liked it more so. Everyone spoke their own language. It was just weird.
At first glance everything seemed so normal, but the truth is that it was not. This world is foreign to us. My brother always said when we're together, we can handle anything. It seems that Lydia started to get used to this situation too. However, the boys couldn't stop to staring her. But I could not get rid of the strange feeling that had crashed into my soul. Something in this world wasn’t normal. The way we came here…
Suddenly there was a loud noise. Before us flew a man. Or rather, he was discarded. James stood before me and Lydia. There were three men who looked like soldiers.
-How dare you say such a things about the Master, you bastard? – Shouted one of them. – You will pay for this.
They carried swords “katana”. I thought that would give way, but no. He took the sword. Is he intending to fight? Is he crazy? This is what I thought. Although when you looked at him, he seemed like a criminal.
-I do not subject to garbage like you. – Said the man.
Lydia was afraid and this makes our brother angry. He stood before.
-Hey, listen! I don’t care what your problem is, but you’re scaring my sisters.
-Shut up, sissy!
And he attacked my brother. I thought my heart would stop. But James knew how to fight. The man swung with the sword, but my brother avoided the crash and took the arm of the attacker. The next moment he was on the ground and James hit him pretty hard. I blinked. That was impressive. I looked at Lydia.
-Calm down, little one. You’ll break my arm. Did you see? He knocked him down with ease.
-Do you doubt? – James grinnedand then he looked at the surprised soldiers. - I’m sorry, gentlemen. I just don't like when someone scares women. Come on, you two. We must find the shelter. Tomorrow we'll look for a job..
-Brother… - Lydia cried and hugged him hard.
-You will not hug me, Bea?
-Yeah, right. Can we go now?
I’m not cold, just I’m confounded when it comes to tenderness. Because of this I was avoided to show my feelings on the public places. My brother knew it, and for that he annoyed me. We turned to walk along the road when soldiers suddenly stopped us.
-Hey, you! Stop.
My brother stopped and turned.
-You have a good preparation. Looking for a job, right?
-Yes, sir.
-Come with us.
The man who was talking to my brother was big and scary. There was a scar on his face. It was obvious he had no problem in causing pain. I did not trust him, but we had no choice. We followed the men into a small restaurant. Lydia and I sat at a different table since he said women shouldn't interfere in this.It was too much, but we hadn't time to argue. They just ordered for us tea and left us.


James watched the men against himself. Yes, they were real warriors. Exactly as he wanted it to be. He eager to interview the men for everything what interested him, but he said nothing. He waited patiently.
-You and your sisters have come here soon. Is this true?
-Yes. We woke up on a ship.
-What happened before?
-We woke up from a strange sensation. The heavens were ablaze. Laterally. I went to see my sisters. Then came the strange light. So we got here.
-And your parents?
This question caught him off guard. He does not even think about them. They never had appeared. He does not hear their voices. As if they were not even there.
-I don’t know, sir. It’s weird but I did not talk about it because the girls.
-You take good care of your sisters, huh?
-I tried. Bea helps me a lot.
-The older of them.
-And now let’s talk on the merits. I suggest you work and study. I’ll provide housing.
-I can’t leave my sisters.
-Don’t worry about it, boy. We’ll take care of everything.
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Time travel… What comes to your mind when you hear this? Many things… I guess. Well, if it’s not only the time? If it happened that you fall into a completely different world? World so familiar and in the same time so unknown. A place that resemble everything that you know, but in a completely different way. This can make you crazy. At least the average person who doesn’t believe in such things. A person who living in “the reality”. But whose reality exactly? I think that this is a relative term. How can you be sure what is real and what is not? Surely you already loose the line on my thought. I’m sorry. It so happened that I had the opportunity to meet a reality other than that I know. This is difficult for me to explain to you so that you understand me. I apologize again.

I was born with the name Bea. Funny, but I have it all twenty-three years so it is no longer a problem for me. I would not say I’m a great beauty as in the magazines, but I’m sympathetic. I had dark hair and dark eyes. Like the other members of my family. Although my younger sister Lydia (she’s eighteen years old) dye her hair blonde. She is beautiful just like our elder brother James. Both of them are like models. I was a little uncomfortable being around them. But they loved me and I was convinced of that. You could say we’re a happy family. Everything went quite common. Lydia out with her friends every night and James had to go in the clubs with different woman every night. But I do not like that. I was just… different.

I liked different things, but they did not mock at me for that. Of course, James had a strong fraternal feeling. He had to protect and control me and Lydia. Boring, but our parents approve it. I don’t care, but Lydia had objections. It was fun to watch them argue about that.
But the fun did not last long. It happened something very strange. One night, shortly after midnight, Lydia came and woke me up. James flew after her. I cursed and looked at them with annoyance. One day they will stay at home and will make me crazy. I sat up in the bed and fixed the soft cotton nightgown that I wore. I rubbed my eyes. I asked that what happened with half asleep voice, and my sister would not stop repeat only, “Heaven, Bea! Heaven burning!” I’d laugh if someone else was telling me that. Only that neither James nor Lydia had a bad sense of humor. That’s why I looked out the window. If I was not sitting down already I would have fallen. I could not believe on my eyes. As if we were in the Hell itself. Heaven definitely burned.
We were all so shocked that we could not peel and a word. Then came the glow. I just remember that I fainted. Before my eyes danced colored dots and then – darkness. It was all so sudden that we did not even know how to respond to that. If this is a dream then I want to wake up faster. It crossed my mind. At least while I was still able to think.


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