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 Chapter 5


     In most vampires drinking blood leads to euphoria. For me… Well, I don’t feel anything like that. Just another meal. But when I think of… maybe I found the right person. Never bad to have a lawyer on my side. And I’m sure I can count on the loyalty of the young lady.

     I was not driving. I walked away. I retractable home. I had almost come when someone expected me to my home. To the gate of my home waiting for me a car. When I approached, from the car went down a man. Tall and really beautiful. I could tell that he have sporting physique. There was a medium-long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was dressed normally – jeans, shirt and leather jacket. There was something in him. I could not tell for sure. One thing was clear: he is from SST.

     I approached him.


-Well, well, well… What are looking here guy like you? Or SST sent you here to investigate?

    He seemed serious.

-Need to talk to you, Miss Frost.

-Hmm… You know my name… Who are you?

-Richard Edwards. – He handed me a hand.

    Few did it, especially those who wanted to show superiority. This man was not afraid of me. I answered on the handshake. I invited him to enter in the house. So I gave him to understand that and I’m not afraid of him. He followed me. Almost we entered in the house when I realized what he was. Oh yeah! What a surprised only. I smiled without he to see me.

    We went inside and went directly to my office. I asked Simmonse to bring coffee to the cop. We watched each other for some time.

-Well? What do you want… a cop? Or I must say… a werewolf?

     He looked at me with surprise, although it should not be.

-You know that?

-Please, cop! I’m long in the game. Just I don’t understand… How SST employ someone like you, since they does not tolerate non-humans?

-You must have noticed that in the team had supernatural members.

-You said it. There! Past time. I know that they kicked all of them. But not you. So they do not know… Interesting. – I laughed because I knew that this irritates him.

     He growled slightly.

-Okay. Let’s talking on the merits. What do you want?

-Information about the case that you took.

    I laughed.

-Damn! I was not expected that you are so stupid.

-Watch your mouth, bloodsuckers!

-You came into my house, insist on getting something that is not your job and even dare to be rude. I am nice, but not so much. And this is confidential. You know how it is. And now… go.

     I was visible irritated by his mere presence. For this again I demanded him to leave my home. He stood up with visible reluctance. But definitely he do not want to confrontation with me. He apologize and leave my house. I stayed alone and I was surprised by myself. I was very calm. The truth is that he annoyed me just because he was a member of that group. I did not care whether he is a human or not. Although I definitely liked him. So confident and strong… But I’m not a fool that will fall in the net of a man. No way!

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Chapter 4


   I wait until dark and went for a walk. I was dressed as usual… comfortable and sexy. I browsing the city. I felt how people look at me. One part of the people hated vampires because they are afraid of us. But there was another part. People who love us and felt lust. They give everything to get some of our time. Voluntary blood donors. Modern people are very… helpful.

     At night, the city is full of people. Most of them were honky geeks: prostitutes and pimps, drunks, drug addicts and homeless. As people seeking fun for one night. Of course, and supernatural creatures were out after dark. In short: here is never boring.

     I stopped for a moment and lit a cigarette. It’s cool to be a vanpire because we can do whatever we want without consequences. Then some blond woman approached me. She was dressed in an elegant suit. Lawyer? Yes. She asked me if I have a lighter and pulled out cigarette. I give her my lighter.

-Tell me… What are you looking in place like this… lawyer? – I exhale the smoke away from her.

-Search for interesting experiences.

     I understood her suggestion. She wanted to ‘donate’ blood. For the people to giving blood to a vampire was stronger even than sex. That’s why they could not stop after the first time. But if I am right this would be the first time for her. Fascinating.

-You like playing with fire, huh?

-That’s right. Do you want to join me?

     I smiled and walked with her. Here, hotels are unpleasant, but at least they offer privacy and no one cares what you do there. We entered in the room and she shut the door. She leave her bag on the only table in the room. She started to opening her shirt. I watched at her. I prefer men, but sometimes it’s happen to have fun and with beautiful lady. We (vampires) are pretty free in that way. I speak not only for drinking blood.

     The woman came and hugged me around the waist. She was slight higher than me. I reneging her hair. I looked at her and told her to relax. Then carefully push my tongue of her neck to soften the skin. She moaned. I stuck my teeth in her neck. In the beginning it’s hurt, but pretty quickly she was able to relax. I felt her body react to my actions. She burning with passion. Even initially had no such intentions, now she wanted more than to drink her blood. I read her mind. She wanted to cast her on the bed and rip her clothes. She wanted sex, although she has never been with woman in that way. But this is normal. The vampires have such influence on people. Just that right now I did not want to play games. Too bad. She seems quite… heated and horny.

     When I stopped to drink her blood, I wiped my lips.

-Thanks for… drink!

-Is that all? I thought…

-I know, baby! Maybe next time. Today I have more important work to do.

-But… - she hugged me, but not to stop me.

-Don’t be sad. Beautiful girls should not cry.

     She nodded, then went and took something from her bag. Business card. Submit it to me.

-Sharon Letterman. Nice name for a lawyer.

-What is your name?


-Jessica… - she repeated very gently. – I… How can I find you if…

-Check the list of private detectives. There is no other vampire… except me.

-You’re a private detective?

     I smiled to her surprise. I kissed her slightly and disappeared into the night, leaving her alone in that seedy whorehouse. A little rough on my side, but we (the vampires) do so.

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Chapter 3


      10:00 am. Cafe ‘McCoy’. At the time of the day was not very full. Of all twenty tables only seven of them were occupied. The customers were mostly from nearby offices and if I’m not mistaken there were two men with suits, which certainly were lawyers. On the table at the end of the café stood a woman in tight suit. Her hair was dyed. In brown. No matter how much time will pass. I could not make a mistake. I walked into the café and all eyes rested on me. I passed slowly between the tables and I stopped at the table of woman. She stood up. She looked at me, smiled and hugged me. This provided me the opportunity to see the silver cross that hung from her neck.

-You have not changed, Jess. Neither one day.

-And you become more beautiful, Grace.

-And older. – She laughed and gestured me to sit. – Well? What you wanted to meet me?

-Can’t I see my old friend?

-Both know that you don’t like such sentiments.

-You’re right. When I called you… - I started slowly to pick my words correctly. – I had a client. She is looking for her sister, but was also attacked by monsters.

-You will deal with them. Where is the problem?

-The reason that has led the girl to escape…

-Did she tell you why? – Detective Miles asked with typical cops curiosity.

-No. But you know that I can read the thoughts of everyone. And the reason is… It is not something you would share with anyone.

-Don’t keep me in suspense, Jess! Tell me why.

-The girl was abused. Every possible way.

-From whom? – I saw anger in her eyes.

-Her step-father. And her sister – my client – she betrayed her sister. Something like: ‘Let’s tortured her, not me.’ – I paused for a moment because I was not sure… - She will be dead, I’ll kill the bitch. – I replied while sipping sip cappuccino.

-Do you have evidence?

-No. I now got a case. The bitch probably has thought that if I am a vampire I will accept such a thing.

-Okay. I’ll check. Send me the information you have. I will help you.

-I’m glad to hear it.

      My slime quickly evaporated when in the café became the members of the SST. They saw me and they were not very happy. For the moment, they pretending that they do not see me. Well, I did the same. Grace noticed a sudden change in my behavior. She did not say anything because she was aware of what was my relationship with them. That’s why I told her that I will call her and I left.




     SST joined Grace Miles.

-You know this vampire? – the oldes member of the group asked, he was 60-year-old Carlos Rodrigez.

-Yes, lieutenant. I’ve known her for many years. Please don’t talk bad about her.

-Why not? She is like all… - Taylor Hicks noted,

     Grace was a woman patient. She could bear to be offend, but not her friend.

-But not all vampires saved me from death or worse.

-What do you mean, detective?

-She saved my life when I was a kid. She get me out of the abyss of terror and helped me become what I am now. But you are entitled. She can kill. She makes it when is necessary. But she can also be kind and caring. As in her new case. But of course her client decided to seek her than you.

      Grace left money on the table. She rose and walked away. She did not wait to see the reaction of members of the SST. The truth is that she doesn’t like them much. Maybe because… what they do. And they are rude and arrogant with the cops.

     They are seated at the table and s waitress cleaned it and took they order. While they waiting, the men talked.

-We should check this ‘case’! – Taylor said.

-I can not believe that a human would choose the help of a monster instead to seek us or the cops. – Richard said after that he was silent all the time.

     Yes… They were determined to intervene in my work. Damn them!

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   The house where I live is in the Gothic style. Even during the day seems a bit bleak. It may be cliché, but I have a cemetery and crows. People avoid this place for obvious reasons. I like this because I provide peace of mind. Futhermore, I can work without bothering me some idiots. What I work? Many things. But mostly I deal with detective work, but with occultism and antiques of all kinds too. I am a person with diverse interests. I do not accept cases which crossed my path with that of SST. And if you care… I don’t do it for money. It’s actually pretty fun. I can kiss as much as I want and nobody will judge me. Because my victims are geeks and monsters.

     A day or rather night, I sat in my office. I review documents. Most cases was sending by the police stations. They said that SST are busy. In a sense, I steal their cases just below their nose. Anyway. During my review of the dossier in a case hase been closed, my butler – Simmons, came into office with a tray on which there was a cup of coffee. Oh yeah! I can drink coffee. Over time, vampires learn how to deal with such minor things. I got coffee and partook of it.

-Wonderful… as always. – I rare compliment, but my butler deserve them completely.


     Then I heard steps well before the bell on the door announced the presence of an unexpected guest. Simmons went to open it. It turned out that I have a potential client who comes to me personally instead of going to the police. Vampire hearing is unique and quite useful. My butler invited her.

     Through the door came a small woman about 30 years. She was beauty. There are beautiful black hair and nice green eyes. There was a sport figure, which shows that she is  often practiced. She was wearing a plain silk shirt and black skirt to the knees. She was worried by something, but is was not me. I want to say that I am not the reason that she was worry. I invited her to sit down opposite me.

-How can I hepl you, Miss…?

-Summers. Peyton Summers. – She got up and handed me her hand.

     Interesting. Usually people are embarrassed to do such a thing. For this I took her hand then re-settled.

-Well, Miss Summers? How can I help you?

-Well, I… I have a problem.

-I am sure you it is.

     She looked at me in astonishment.

-Let us be clear. People do not seek my help just like that. But please… Speak calmly.

     She told me about her problems. Or more accurately about her problems. In the beginning she told me that her younger sister Amber ran away from home. The girl was only 17 years old. Peyton said that she did not know the reason for her escape. Hypocrite. She knew exactly why the girl escaped. Now I knew too, because I sneak into the mind of the woman.another problem is that for some time now the place where she lives is attaced by ‘strange’ beings. All horses were owned by the family were torn apart.

     I watching the woman. She has a secret. Dark secret. While I already know it.

-Is that all, Miss?


-You can go to the police. Or SST.


-Supernatural Special Team. Why not go there?

-Well, I…

-Excuses are useless. Do you thing that you can hide something from a vampire?

     I looked at her so that she could tell what I mean. Her secret was revealed. I might be a monster, but its so-called secret made me maddening. Later I will explain about it. I told her that I will discuss her case at least with regard to the monsters. And as for little Amber… I will find her just to know that she is well. I had no intention to return her to her ‘home’.

     The butler send my client. During this time I picked up the telephone and called the only cop who I respected. It was a detective Grace Miles. She is 52 years old but she was youthful and one would hardly believe that she passes 50 years. I know her from long time. I think it will become… how… 35 years old? Yes… She was almost child when I met her. There were serious problems in her family and she had escaped. I remember the night when I saw her for the first time. Someone beat her and left her in a dirty street. I was in mood to help this unfortunate creature. Yes… Touchung story.

     The phone rang several times before I hear the familiar friendly voice.



-Jess? Is that you?

-Who else?

-It took a long time. I thought you forgot me.

-I couldn’t. I’m just busy.

-The detective work, right?

-You are heard about it. Anyway. Can I see you? Soon if this is possible.

-When and where? – She asked without hesitation.

-You choose.

     Such details bores me. But not her. She chose a small café in one of the common areas. The time was 10:00 AM. I agreed and hung up the phone. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Yes… This case seems to be quite… interesting.

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  It had been more than five years since the supernatural beings came to light. Now people accept them as commoplace, as opposed to five years ago. Then it was like: ‘ shock and awe’. And how people looked at me when they found what I am… It was fun. Unlike now. The only bothered me were members of the squad. I have seen many like them throughout the years. But I did not mention what I am, right? Vampire. I’m a vampire. About 600 years or so. My name is Jessica Frost. To create a larger picture of myself I will share my appearance. But don’t think that I do advertising. Well, I’m not very high but I would say that is suitable for female height. Years ago I had dark hair, but now it is unusually blond… almost white. One could say that I look like the ‘Ice Queen’. But impresses. Usually I have dark blue eyes, but when I accept vampire form they become so light blue that almost lose their color. Many people say I’m a real beauty.

     Let’s start with how I met with SST. There was one case. Murder of a young girl. According to what I knew the victim was tortured and killed. Her blood missing. Of course, the first in the list were vampires. As if we only drink blood. How dumb. They arrested us. We were not more than 15 vampires in the city. They interrogated us. Unlike others, I was quite relaxed. Not for the first time I was going. That’s why I was courteous. Who can presure that they will accept my best behavior for mockingly? They were pretty rough, but this did not impress me. I’m a vampire, dammit! Few things are able to surprised me.

     Finally, the case is allowed and they had to release me. cases they had no contact with vampires. I’m sure that ther were quite scold for the error. Fun. But since then I decided it would be better to stay away from them. I don’t like problems with cops. Although it is quite fun to annoy them. Of course, that makes me mad to some degree. I don’t like to be humiliate by these fools who do not even come close to my age. The young have no respect. Although if you see me will think I’m almost child. Well, yes. I became a vampire when I was only twenty years old. And since the story is not much fun I will going to tell later.

      Although I live in a huge house with a butler and have many activities, I do not lose sight of what is happening. It is fun to watch how department is sweat of tension in cases in which the work is too complicated. If they had a vampire in the team would be easier. I’m not saying that I want this post. And, yes… It’s rude to gloat, but they deserve it. And I like it. Whether sorry victims? No way. I don’t care. Long ago I off unnecessary emotions. Now I’m just… How do people say it? A soulless bitch that takes human life as a joke. I must admit… I’m just one.

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    Let’s start with: ‘What is SST?’ This is called Supernatural Special Team. Team, that deals with special cases associated with supernatural events and crimes. Of course, they work perfectly legal as the Police Department. Something like a demon hunters to the police. The president of the country ordered the creation of this team. The cops did not like SST. They call them with different names, most commonly used: ‘ a bunch of crazy lunatics with guns.’

     Why the existence of the Unit is necessary? Well, the reason is simple. The supernatural beings (those who should not exist or so-called ‘fairy creatures’) decided to not hide anymore. Exactly for that they made them part of society. And as you’ve probably guessed,not everyone agreed with this. However, who wants to be surrounded by murderers or potential ones? For this the department was created, to deal with them.

     Originally the Team had only human members. But once it became clear that people are not sufficient, the chief took quite a difficult decision. They recruited several… non-human beings. While the witches and wizard (in all its varieties, including necromancers) are considered mid range. Initially the voltage was pretty high, but over times this changed. People and the others began to live in a relatively harmonious relationship.

     How I know all this? Let’s say that I have experience with this… Organization. But it has yet to understand.

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      Me and Gabriel still traveling. I felt much better and stronger. But I was a little sad. I do not explain to myself. For many years I had not experienced anything like it, but now something was happening to me. I looked distracted and my partner saw it. I think that he do not like it.


-What is it?


-Do not come out with this trick.

-The truth is that I do not know. Something inside me harassment and tortured without knowing why. Like a hurricane of emotions I was dragging and I cannot get away. I want to stop it. In this moment I would ask you to shoot me.

-This is bullshit. If anything is bothering you just tell me. We known each other long enough to have secrets.

-It’s true, Gabriel. I have only one secret from you, but I could not tell it to you. To Kamael you, but you… Forgive me for this.


     He does not like it and I knew it. For some reason he felt neglected. I did not want to feel in that way, but I could not tell him that I have feeling for him. For a vampire is weakness although this does not happen for the first time. Too long I’m trying to get to the level at which I now cannot allow such nonsense to ruin everything.


     We traveled several hours to Tansville. Throughout none of us said anything. After what I said to him, he was absolutely right to be angry with me. But this should not affect our work because the life of many people depends on us. We did not have to allow even less because of personal conflicts.


     But both of us did not expect the surprise we received when we arrived at the “battlefield”. Just arrived and there waiting for us  master  Kamael. For the first time I was glad to see him from whole my soul (well, figuratively speaking, this was because demons have no souls). Of course, I neither do nor rushed to embrace him or something. I just looked at him and smile expressed my satisfaction. Kamael greeted us in his own “den”. Actually it was quite sophisticated and elegant place. Just when I thought the surprises end here, my master said something that makes me to freeze on my place.


-I have a surprise for you, my dear.

-Really? What… surprise?



     What I saw filled me with mixed feelings. I did not know whether to cry or be angry. There was my younger sister, Mireya. I did not know why she was here, but I did not think that this is right.


-What does this mean?

-Sister!!! I’m so glad to see you. I thought you were dead. Why do not tell us you’re alive and better?


    She hugged me with such affection that my cold heart feels pain. I just stood with eyes stuck in the ground, tears streaming down my pale cheeks.


-I could not say something that is not true.

-What do you mean, Tamara?

-I am no longer the same. I guess that my master did not tell you. I am not alive and I’m not a human. When I disappeared… I became a… demon. I was almost dead when this people bring me here and give me new live. Now I’m just a mercenary without a soul.

-But you have feelings and you cannot hide it from me. Remember? You never did learn to hide nothing from me. And now, although you are demon… this is you.

-I… That’s right. My lord, may I talk to you about something I cannot hide from you?

-Of course, darling! Come with me.


     I followed him into his room. We were alone behind the thick walls. Kamael poured cup of tea and looked at me.



-Okay. There is something I cannot explain, but I have feelings for Gabriel and this is not good. I cannot work with him in this situation.

-I think that this is much better. He knows about this?

-Of course not. I told him that I only have a secret from him and that I can share it with you. I do not think he would like to know about this weakness.

In one single moment I felt something very strange. Something that sprang from Kamael. Basically I cannot say that comes from his soul, because everyone knows that vampires are not available. But his blood runs in my veins and I felt that he was not the person as I have thought for so many years. I could not prove it, but the feeling that helped me to peer into the souls of others has never been wrong and I did not think it does now.


-Sorry to bother you with nonsense, Kamael. I will go for a walk and clears my mind of all these shenanigans.

-If this make you calm down…


     I left the room and started to leave the Master’s house. Then I saw my sister and Gabriel to talk very friendly. They also noticed me but did not say anything. For this I just get out.


     I walked around the streets and I was ready for everything. I knew that despite universal deceit there are those who knew about vampires. They were so pathetic that I loathe calling them people. I’ll explain why. All inhabitants of this world, i.e. people carry in their blood gene of demon. They are like non-evolved vampires. That killed us, to drink from our blood to gain eternal life.


     I’m not saying that I’m afraid of them because this is not true. In the years of training I erased that feeling from my heart and mind. I have other feelings, but not this. I do my best to remove it first.


So… I walked through the deserted streets and watched passersby around me. They hardly knew what I am and so was the best… for them. Then I heard the noise of battle. It was a great distance, but this is one of the advantages to be a vampire, can hear and see on hundreds of miles away. I walked quickly towards it and not long ago I found myself in the place. A group of people had made an ambush of a vampire. I was hiding in the shadows to see what happens. At first thought the boy was Evil, but he was not. Just had fallen on those who wanted immortality. There was no doubt what to do.


-Give us to drink from your blood, boy. You cannot get out. It’s better to surrender. No one to help you. – Said one of the attackers.


    Then I came out of the shadows with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other. I would punish those who dare to attack my kind.


-You wrong, loser. Now you’ll get what you deserve.


     They walked towards me with knives in their hands trying to punch me and drink my blood. The red flame came into my eyes and my teeth are lengthened. I was faster than them and soon they were lying dead in the dirt in a puddle of his own blood. Then I return to my normal appearance and approached the boy who was on my age or slightly older than me.


-Are you okay?

-Yes. I could handle himself, but thanks.

-I know. This was my first murder and I think I did it well. Kamael and Gabriel would be proud of me.

-Gabriel? You know him?

-Of course. From long time. I can tell you if you want.


-Sorry. I’m Tamara. You?


-Do you know Gabriel?

-Yes. We are friends, but I have not seen him for a long time. Now tell me.



     We sat on a staircase and I told him my story. How were attacked and how my two masters have given me of their blood to save me. And only now I realized that I do not know the reason to do that. They could just let me to finish my life as many other victims, but they did not. They saved me.


-Yes. As far as I know Gabriel this is in his style. He sympathizes with the humans, but for Kamael I did not know. He does nothing that is not helpful.

-You’re right. Can I share something? I do not know why, but I think I can trust you.

-Tell me.

-For some time now I feel that Kamael has changed. Like goodness, which shows irritating him? Seemed to hate me, but he is nice to me, because something forcing him.

-Why do you think so?

-Today I revealed my secret, which I have kept a long time. Keep it because I think that it is weakness that will hinder me. And he looked at me with expressionless eyes and angry inside.

-What is the secret? If you want to tell me…

-Okay, but please do not tell to Gabriel.


-I told him that I have feelings for Gabriel. I do not know when and how they are raised, but I cannot remove them. Believe me I tried.

-I understand. Gabriel has the ability to attract others to himself.

-Do you want to go to him?

-Yes. Long been looking for him.


     Stefan and I went to the home of Kamael. We walked quietly, when in front us stood the Red-haired hunter. He pointed his gun at us, but I’m not flinching in front of the danger.


-Look what we have… The Red-haired hunter who shot me and tried to kill Gabriel. How nice that you come… What do you want from me? To kill me, perhaps?

-Tell me where is Gabriel?

-Wait a minute. Let’s start over. My name is Tamara and this is Stefan. Who are you?

-My name is Liam. Now talk, vampire.

-Sorry, hunter. I do not used to give my loves ones, especially if they have saved my life without a cause.

-I have not wasting time with nonsense.

-For me it was not nonsense when one of the people of Zatorius… attacked me and turned me in this. Gabriel and Kamael gave me only their blood. But you know what? For you we are just animals and ruthless killers. Now, if you will kill us… do it, if not – let us go before Kamael to piss off.

-So, he is not so good.

-None of your business, but I have some suspicions about him.

-Interesting. Let’s talk about it.

-Tamara? – Stefan interjected.

-Better, redheaded. Tomorrow at midnight on the clock tower.

-I will be there.


     Me and Stefan went to the house of the lord undisturbed. Before I returning with the impatience and joy, but now my mind was full of doubts. Something made me not believe in the words of Kamael. I had the feeling that he hates me for something and I do not know why. Or maybe not. He changed from the moment I revealed my feelings to Gabriel. Maybe he expects to betray him or just felt a kind of jealousy. But why? After all, Kamael sent Gabriel to me. Why? I didn’t know the answer.


     We went inside and his men watched with their eyes. I did not know whether the cause is the presence of Stefan or mine. I did not intend to do this right now. We found Kamael and Gabriel in the dining room where they discussing something.


-Are we interrupting you? Because you have visit, Gabriel.

-Stefan?! What are you doing here?

-I was looking for you, Gabriel. Someone attacked me and Tamara helped me. Eliminate the attackers so easy.


     This seemed to hit Kamael, but he does not say anything.


-Maybe they were Zatorius’s men. He loses. Now, excuse me. I’m going to relax. I will ask to fix the guest room.

-Yes, Tamara. We have to be good hosts. – My master said.


     I left the room with the conviction that I am right in theory. The man who worshiped was my enemy. This blow was severe, but not incurable. Once shunned past I would easily take care of it.


     Unfortunately, the past or at least part of it ever went after me. In the corridor I met my sister Mireya. I grabbed her hand and then led her behind. I pulled her in my room and shut the door.


-What is it, Tamara? Why do you act so strange?

-Do not trust to Kamael.

-But why? He is good, right?

-Maybe. Do not trust him. Any changes including him. I know him and I’m sure that he is not the same Kamael a few days ago. Trust me. I know what I speak.

-You know that I trust you unreservedly.

-I want to ask you something.


-How are… mom and dad?

-They… died several months after you disappeared. They could not bear it. And I swore to find you.

-You were alone? So long?

-Yes. Well, it was not so bad.

-Okay. This is the past. Now you are here and I will protect you. I will not let you hurt. Never.

-I know, sis.

-Now go to bed.


     She lay on my bed and slept. But I could not. For this I sat on a chair by the window and looked outside. The things that I know are changing too fast. For that I was thinking what I would do in the future. However, now I had to guard my younger sister. The situation becomes very complicated. And my meeting with Liam… Whether he would help me to reveal the truth or he would kill me as another vampire. Too many questions that needed answers.


     I just started to fell asleep when someone knocks to my door. I got up and opened. I went outside and closed the door because I do not want to wake up my sister. And there Gabriel waiting for me. I was surprised to see him. I thought my “dear” master already has turned against me. But apparently had made similar experiences.


-What we have here… What brings you here, General? Did not you already say that I accept as a traitor?

-I know that. This caused me to be here. We need to talk… alone.

-Let’s go into the garden.


     So we did it. We went out and distant enough not to hear our conversation.


-Well? I’m listening to you.

-Kamael told me that you were preparing to betray us. But Stefan told us that you will have meeting with Red-haired hunter.

-For the first I cannot agree, but the second is true,


-You want to tell you and you will go to tell on the boss. I’m not that stupid. And the reaction of Kamael, I expected to punish me all over.

-Why he did this?

-Remember that I told you that I have a secret that I cannot tell you?


-I told it to him. Since then he hates me.

-What is the secret?

-Okay. This is the only way to gain an idea of the situation. I told him that I have feelings to you. Do not get me wrong.


-Are you surprising? Well, I told him. And then he changes to me.

-That’s right. I noticed it. Now tell me about the hunter.

-Liam. Maybe he can be a good ally, but it seems now I need one. We both know it’s only a matter of time to chase me. And now you know that I must to take care of my sister.

-Yes. I request to you.

-I’m listening.

-Take care and for Stefan. When Kamael has identified you, probably he will try to kill him too.

-I’ll help because I like the boy. And what will you do?

-I will explore. I cannot afford even Kamael to hurt you.

-And why not? You do not have any obligation to us. Well, only to Stefan, who is your friend. Better not risk for us.

-This is my problem. Do not interfere. Now better go back to the room with your sister.


     He turned and disappeared into the darkness, as always. Now I took responsibility and to Stefan. I don’t know why I had to do that, but when I think twice… this is the right thing that I should do. Moreover, he was quite pleasant as a person.


     I went to my sister, who was awakened. When I got it she jumped on me and hugged me. She cried and I had no idea why. For that and I hugged her. I stroked her hair with my hand and tried to calm her down.


-What is it, girly? You had a nightmare?

-Yes. Very bad nightmare. I was scared that you’re gone and left me here.

-Relax. I’m already here and not going anywhere without you, sis. Now go to sleep.

-What about you? Will not you sleep?

-Don’t worry about me.


     I sat on the chair and this time I could sleep without being interrupted.


     The night was relatively calm, but I kept on the lookout for any second. Every moment could happen something and I had to have prepared for action.


     Early morning someone knock on the door and Mireya opened. Stefan stood at the door and looked at her with wide eyes. It was obvious that he likes her. But he quickly remembered why he was here and asked for me. My sister invited him and he went. I quickly woke up from nap and wonder I asked him for the reason for his visit.


-What is it, my friend? What happened to you that you’re here so early?

-Nothing… for now, but I heard quite a suspicious conversation between Kamael’s security.

-Talk then…

-They were talking about how they will catch and killed someone so that it resembles the attack of people. It concerned a vampire. In a sight that Kamael made me the last night I suspect that the conversation was for me.

-Or for me. Apparently the lord does not tolerate anyone else had anything to do with Gabriel. Regardless of the nature of the relationship.

-You’re right. Well, will you help me?

-Yes, of course. And I will not do it only because Gabriel asked me to keep you and my sister in save. This night both of you coming with me to the hunter. Gabriel may also attend or at least with that impression I got after our conversation last night.


     Then Mireya interventions.


-So for that you went? So he knocks on the door?

-Exactly. Now take an advice from me. Keep naturally just if you do not know anything. If Kamael understand that we are aware of his plans he will act sooner than anticipated.


     Stefan left the room and Mireya change her clothes. As usual, I also took it upon myself to my duties. I did a few laps around the building to make sure that people of Zatorius do not watching us. And I took to explore all possible inputs and outputs.


     Then a report the situation and retired to do something else. I did not want to cause unnecessary suspicion.


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      Kamael and his men still stood in the mansion, but it would not last long because he had the intention to join us. Perhaps the reason was that he and Gabriel had a strong relationship. Don’t get me wrong and both were completely “normal”. Just had an explanation for this. I’ll explain. When a person is turned into a vampire, he or she builds a strong and unusual relationship with his maker. I felt exactly the same to the Kamael and Gabriel. This is something that would be difficult to explain, but I’ll try to make it clear enough to those who find this relationship for strange.


     The relationship between a vampire and his maker is very strong. It is something of a parent-child relationship. It is based primarily on blood relationship, but there are other things that are important. For example, a strong friendship and sincerity. If I say “love” it sounded very strange, but that is not really there. This love between friends and relatives. There is nothing vicious as most mortals think. I speak so because I myself experienced it to such an extent that would give my life for them without thinking. This is true, not only because they were my makers, but also dear friends of my heart. So keep me out in the most proper way.


     So in essence. Kamael was already determined to follow us, despite the danger that threatened him at the moment. Zatorius was not the only one who pursued him. Red-haired hunter was also a threat. The bad thing was that I could not help him. Realistically it is very stupid act, but it is quite logical. He held us in his own way, and was stronger than us. On the other hand I was very glad that we will be together again. Unfortunately there was something I would have come in more. And that was that he would bring with him my little sister Mireya.


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 So I lived in the old mansion. With the time I was changed. Thanks to Kamael and Gabriel become a warrior, from whom the demons had to fear. Gabriel was the most loyal man of my Master. They were always together and he shares it only with him. At first I felt neglected for that Kamael prefers to communicate only with Gabriel, but then I truce with that.

     Several years have passed since I woke up in the house of my master. The whole time I was learning to kill, to live with hatred of vampires. Yet I was not evil. I don’t drink human blood, for a demon this was not so easy. But thanks to the training I could learn to control myself. And not only the evil nature, but also my emotions at all. I forgot what was to be weak and helpless. I forgot what was to be smiled and to enjoy of life. I became cold and almost numb.

      One day I decided for my life. Long time I was hesitates, but then I went to Kamael and Gabriel. They were in the gallery, as my master called it. I went inside and bowed. The good manners were part of the learning process.

-Excuse me that I interrupted you, Master.

-What is it, Tamara? – Gabriel asked.

-I took the decision and I thought it was appropriate to discuss with you.

-Speak, dear.

-I decided to leave, my lord. I’ll walk around the lands of Zatorius and I will destroy his… things. I will avenge him for that they caused me. But you don’t doubt in my loyalty. I swore to serve you and I will do it.

-I understand. Do it when you want it. But Gabriel will go to observe you. At least initially, while you adapting to the world outside the mansion.

-And who will keep you safe? I cannot live if someone hurt you.

-This is not a problem for me. Now you can go is you solve it, but Gabriel is coming with you.

-As you wish, my lord.

      I went out and went to my room. I did not take any clothes except those with which I was and a raincoat. For this I took two guns and sword. And some other small things but do not fall into detail. Not that I had anything against Gabriel. On the contrary. I would say even that I have a weakness for him, but I don’t need from babysitter. On the other hand we can spend more time together and I’d know him better. In my whole new life that was the only thing I could not change. I could not draw my love I could give. I realized that this is weakness, but I was powerless to fight with it. But it’s hardly going to prevent me because hardly someone will fall in love with someone like me. Even if people don’t know what I’m, they could read in my eyes coldness typical only for a demon. This plagued me, but it was a fact that I could not deny.

     When I finished with the packing my luggage, I went out. There waiting for me Gabriel. It was night and it was nice, because people would not see us. They could not see me.


     We passed completely unnoticed in the city, and those that saw us did not live to tell. I applied the lessons that I received and I did it pretty well. And I do not say it to boast, but because my teacher admitted it. We way out of fingers, as they say.


     We left Darkville and went to Tansville, where was the headquarters of Zatorius. At least we had such data. On the road we found car with which to move forward. I’m not driving, because Gabriel deemed unnecessary to do so. But I don’t think that was the reason. For this he does give me much responsibility. He ordered me to watch for vampires and if I notice any of the Evil to liquidate him.


It’s boring when someone to hang your head and tells you what to do. That was my attitude now. By the time I convened. To be completely honest to say that I learned a lot of the general. The work was there that I did not know the story of the disintegration of the Demonic Union. Lord Kamael did not consider it necessary to tell me that and I accept it. Gradually, however, my curiosity grew and I wanted to know why I became a mercenary. And when I did my work as appropriate for you to know was why.


     I knew that if I ask Gabriel, he would hardly say. However, he was a fiduciary of the Lord, but nothing prevents to try.


     We traveled quite a while. After several hours we had to stop to recharge and relax a little. We left the car in an alley and went into a pub to eat (unlike our predecessors, we could eat and regular human food, but in certain quantities).


     We sat at the final table and ordered the specialties. When they brought it and we paid because we wanted to send the waiter. The moment came and I decided to act without any subterfuge.




-Tell me what happened.

-With what?

-Why split the Union? The struggle between Good and Evil. You turned me into a killer for some reason and I want to know why. You hid me long enough and I was preparing for war without telling me the truth. I want it.

-I agree with that. I’ll tell you the story, but not now. There are too many curious onlookers. Once we set off I will tell you.

-May not lie to me, Gabriel.

-Trust me. Kamael and I insist on you because you are our creation, and not just talk about the blood.

-I know. Be as you say. You’re the boss here, but be aware. I have only one master and this is Kamael.

-That’s right. Let’s eat now.

-I must tell you something and I do not think you’ll like it.

-Talk then.

-There, in the corner, is a red-haired man who does not eyed off you. I do not trust him. And the weapon, which is headed now.

-I know who he is. Vampire hunter. He haunted me for quite some time, although he himself is a vampire.

-So he is something like us. But do not imagine that he will kill you. Kamael sent you with me or me with you, but this is irrelevant. Now I will watch over you. But…

-What is it?

-Kamael misses me. His presence gave me comfort and respect that no one else can. Maybe it’s because that is pretty powerful.

-I know what you mean, Tamara.

-No affected. I keep a lot of you and I will not let him get closer to you. Now let we get out of here.


     We rose from the table and slowly moved out of the place. He followed us with his intention to shoot. Will not happen. He does not know me and does not know how much I care for my masters.


     Sounds silly to call them so, but I felt that way. I keep them because they not only saved me when I needed it. They raised me as one of them. They were closer to me even my own family. I abandoned them (my real family). There were rumors that they think that I am dead or just kidnapped. Clearly had no idea what is going on in our city. I wonder whether to be happy for them or make them sorry. Ignorance in such times is a pretty good choice. Otherwise things will get worse. They will begin persecution and reprisals. Many people will die, even innocent. In these wars there are always have innocent victims. It’s sad but true. This is something inevitable and how much I wish I could not prevent it.


     We walked fast, because the man followed us continually. We got into the car and drove off at full speed. The red-haired man shoots at us, but only managed to hit me in the arm while I return on the fire. This was my first real wound. Really hurt a lot. I took rag and tight my wound. Gabriel made only one look at me and nothing more. Continued to drive without talking. I was not surprised at all because he was already accustomed.


     Gradually I began to pale and lose strength. It was normal reaction to a gunshot wound. I had to drink blood to recover. But in any situation I cannot hurt human. Fortunately for vampires like me had an alternative – animal blood. But some I did not see many animals here.


     A few kilometers up the road were a farm. Gabriel stopped there and knocks on the door. When the owner came, Gabriel told him something and he got scared and started to go inside but the lord took him by the shirt and pulled him to himself. As far as I understand, Gabriel asked him for little animal blood. And this time I was lucky because it turned out that the same day the man had killed one of his animals. He gave him blood in a flask and asked him to go. There was not more to look there and fulfilled his request. Gabriel returned to the car and drove off again. Along the way I took half the blood in the flask and let the rest of my companion. At first he did not want to drink, but then swallowed it to gather strength. And we definitely would need it in the battle that we will have soon.


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      In the village was rumored for my disappearance, but hardly anyone knew the truth. They just a guess, that I have been kidnapped by those who stole many cattle from the people. My parents were mourners, because they knew nothing about me and God knows what went through in their head.

     The mayor was also very worried because he didn’t know what happened to me after one of his men had bitten me. He was worried about I can come back and revealed him to everyone. And how else? We lived in such times, which still burned witches at the stake, and the demons – they hunted like a wild animals. And if people are going to find the truth about the world we live they would begin persecution. Not that I would be sorry for the damned creatures, but I had my reasons. For starters, I was one of them just like my Master which give me a new life. And if they killed all my enemies, to whom I would take revenge? No. the slaughter of vampires had to be an inside job, I mean our job. Only between clans.


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Darkville, 1927

     My name is Tamara and I lived in Darkville in since I was birth. I live with my family in small house in outskirts. My father, Idoru, worked as a blacksmith and my mother Damira cared about me and my sister Mireya. Everything was seemingly was calm and we are not worried about anything. Unlike people in big cities, people here were very polite no matter where the class originated.  They do not care whether it’s a simple railway worker or an important official in the municipality. For most people this would have seemed perfectly straight, but not for those who wanted to know why.

     I was not one of those people… at least initially. I live carefree, caring for our small house and pets which my parents have. All around was wonderful. In spring and summer the meadows were covered with fragrant flowers and in winter all was like jeweled infinite field. The lakes were like mirrors, frosted rivers created the illusion of a prisoner who at any moment will break the ice chains and galloped pell-mell rushes into the endless expanse. This was my home. Beautiful and unforgettable. Whoever saw it again never wanted to leave it.

     But most impressive was the great mansion outside of town. It was old but still obvious subtle and indescribable brilliance. Often I sit on the lawn and stare at it. I imagined scores, which were organized there. People dressed in beautiful and elegant clothes, great music and the sound of shoes that barely touch the polished floor in the rhythm of waltz. For hours I dreamed, watching this never-fading beauty.

     Soon, however, in the city came new rulers and people’s lives change. Apparently the new mayor does not care what happens to people. He was a cruel and arrogant man. But the most frightening in him was the cold and cruel eyes, they pierce like ice as they look.

     Since he appears to have started happening strange events. Cattle extinction, people too. Darkville was filled with sorrow. Residents not only lost their jobs but also their lives. Every day I heard the sound of funeral bells. I didn’t understand what was happening. The parents no longer let their children to go outside, because we wore various rumors. Rumors that in the city roam creatures whose suck people’s lives. They accusing them and livestock diseases have befallen.

     Once in secret I got out of the house and went to admire on the old mansion. Then I saw that it was no longer uninhabited. There were people that I saw and I think that they were quite special. Unlike the other they do not obey the mayor Zatorius. I would even say that they were his enemies.*

     When I came home, one of the mayor’s guards attacked me. He looked very strange. His eyes were red and his teeth were longer and more acute. He grabbed me and stuck his teeth into my neck. I felt pain because he sucked my blood and life. The latter forces I succeeded to breaking free from him and fled. I ran to the field where I went to see the mansion. Soon, however, I remained without power and the blood ran down my neck. I pressed it by hand, but it would benefit greatly from this. Once I found myself among the field of flowers I fell on the grass. I say goodbye to life when I saw shadows with my almost close eyes. They raised me, but I don’t know who were or what was they wanted, because I lost consciousness.

    At one time I started to hear voices talking to me. Then one of them gave me to drink something strange. Drink that I was not field until now. It was blood. I heard one of them to say that this is the only way to save me. And I’m disgusted, but I did not force them to stop pouring the liquid into my mouth. Then again fainted.

     I do not wake a long time. And when I opened my eyes I saw that I was in an unfamiliar place. Actually I had seen so many times. I was at the mansion, which so loved to watch. I was alone in a large room with large windows with silk curtains. The whole room was lit by the morning sun. My confusion was logical given recent events.

     I got out of bed, but I falter and I grabbed a wooden board on the bed. I saw that I was wearing a beautiful white silk gown. I didn’t understand what was happening and the special feeling I felt. I decided to see what happens, especially what was happen.

     I left the room and found myself in a large hall which was decorated with all kinds of beautiful objects and pictures. I went forward with some hesitation. At first I do not met anyone, but then that changed. From behind me came a boy. He looked at my age. He came up to me and smiled.

-Are you better now?

-Where am I?

-In my house. I’m Kamael, and this is my mansion.

-Forgive me. How long am I here, sir?

-One week. Soon you will be fine and will more secure in your actions.

-I don’t understand.

-The man who bites you is already dead. It is better if you go too.

-I thought it was just a bad dream. And what gave me to drink…

-My blood. Now you’re one of us.

-What am I?


-Jesus! I… What will I do now? How will I get home? I am… monster.

-Not all of us are monsters.

-Why saved me?

-Because otherwise, or would be dead, or one of the people of Zatorius would make you evil.

-You bring me my life. Thank you. I will do anything you want. I will serve you faithfully… my Master.

     Everything happened so fast that I could not fully realize. Until yesterday I was happy and cheerful girl, and now I was a demon. But that was not the most special. I don’t know the hate, and now it tears me like a knife. I hated vampires. I thirst for revenge. Of course, I do not hate all of them. However, exactly I was saved by a vampire. Kamael and his men had helped me and I swore to them in loyalty. But I would not deal until I do not destroy Zatorius and his murderers. They would pay for my fraudulent and deprived youth.


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      Earth was no longer the same. Many things have changed when demons come. They called themselves vampires, but they were not like those from fairytales that tell of bad children. These were much more perfect and most of them were stylish. They had their own societies. Unlike their predecessors they could walk freely, not only at night but during the day without fear of daylight.

     They were much stronger than before and they were not afraid of anything. They sowed darkness and there was nobody to stop them. People also have changed after their appearance. Their blood was contaminated and they were demons waiting to be awakened. If they drinking blood or be bitten by a vampire they become like them. Sounds ugly and sinister, but it’s the truth as painful to be.

     The world no longer belonged to the people although they still don’t know it. All lived in a delusion without being aware of it. They served and interacted with the demons and they were not even aware of it.

     Over time, things began to change in the vampire community. Some became merciful and compassionate towards people. They neglect their own evil nature to help others ‘inferior’ creatures, as they called them. This is considered treason, and every ‘repentant’ vampire was persecuted and executed as a traitor. The power began increasingly to tempt and crazy demons. They are killing each other not only thirsty for blood, but for unlimited power. In all this chaos there was another change that had great importance for the developments. As already mentioned the ‘good’ vampires were persecuted. But with time and this has changed. From the victims they have become hunters. They began to pursue his fellows and to liquidate them for the benefit of mankind, to which they no longer belonged.

    Sounds strange and illogical, but this is exactly what happened. Among leaders, or rather the greatest of them also joined ‘The good’ thanks to one of his trusted soldiers. The name of this leader was Kamael. He looked like a boy, but behind this innocent mask hid quite old and powerful vampire. He along with his General Gabriel learned to not kill the already suffering population and to protect them. It was not easy because the number of demons grew with each passing day. There was no day on which any echoes ringing of funeral bells. Every day a family lost dear one who later became a ruthless executioner.

     You can be sure that my words are true because I was there and I’m still after so many years. And I like many others I was doomed on eternal life, but unlike them I chose to live as a drifter. Browsing the world killing my own kind. I became an assassin, as people say. Only that I was not looking for payment. Reached me to know that I can avenge the curse on those who threw it to me.

    My name was Tamara and I will tell you about my live and the world in which I lived. World whose future depends on who will prevail.

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 The alarm never rang. When my younger sister, Megan burst into my room to wake me up, I saw that it is almost noon. More precisely 11:45. I groaned and got out of the bed. She watched me. I answer to her eyes. She didn’t move from her post by the door. I entered in the small bathroom. I took a shower, washed my teeth and I felt better. I went back into the room, and Megan was still there. This time she was sitting on the bed.

-Well? What do you want? – I asked sharply.

     I know that this is not very nice of me to speak to my sister in that way, but she never had a similar concern. I was just suspicious.

-Yesterday you worried us all. – She said with her melodious voice.

-Really? And ask me? It is not fun to lie in unconscious in the middle of the woods.

     She jumped out of bed visibly annoys by my words.

-I am here to see, but you keep nasty, Drea.

-Well, I’m not used to your care.

     I started to dress. Outside it looked hot, but I did not want to risk. Therefore put on a thin black blouse and jeans. My feet were bare. Indeed, for a moment I felt guilty about the way I talked to Megan. For this I apologized. She accepted my apology and both went down in the kitchen.

     Besides my family and there was someone else. Megan and I went with them. Mom looked at me; she rose from her chair and hugged me. She looked really worried. My brother also stood, but he do not daring to embrace me. Just saying:

-Are you still angry to me, baby?

-I don’t know. But I hope that you will not do it again.

-I promise. Honestly. – He smiled, feeling relieved.

-Well… I… I want to ask… How do I end up here? – I feel stupid for asking that question where, but I think it was logical to want to know.

     Nobody answers. Unknown man smiled and stood up. He proceeds to me. My heart almost stopped. He was so… unnatural beautiful. There was something different in his broadcasting.

-I am guilty of this. – He extended his hand to me. – My name is Kahlan Stevens. I am a friend of your brother. Pleased to meet you when you’re awake.

     Slightly and insecure I grabbed his hand. Then I looked at my brother. Just as I expected… He is a bad liar. But if this man… Kahlan… returned me in home, this means that unusual flavor which was permeates in my clothes… was his. Interesting, huh? When he smiled at me, I really troubled. It seemed to me that he knows that I find him fascinating. Therefore I hurried to get out of there. I justified that I should go to bookstore, because I need books and pencils. Nobody objected.

     I went in my room. I put on my socks and shoes and grabbed my purse, along with some money. I ran downstairs and came to the door when my dad stopped me. He told me that it is better not to go alone. He told me that Kahlan will go to town and can take me. I wanted to refuse. Almost I did it, but… The feeling was quite strong. I was worried. However, I got in his car.


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Chapter 2


     I woke up at home. In my bed. It was warm and soothing. I looked out the window and saw that it was still dark. Then I looked at the electronic clock on the nightstand. 4:17 am. Everyone was asleep. I got out of the bed and saw the clothes I had in the woods. I raised my shirt and pressed it to my face. It smells different. With a sharp but enticing smell. It was not mine. I still had headaches. I put clothes on the floor again. I left the room. I got in the kitchen because I was very hungry. In the fridge had a plate of food. It was obvious for me. I took it and stuck it in the microwave. I waited about 2 minutes. The bell rang. I took the plate and put it on the kitchen counter. There was lit only a small lamp that illuminated a part of the countertop and kitchen. I pulled a chair and sat down. I started to eat.

     I do not hear the footsteps. For this I almost choked when my brother came. He poured a glass of orange juice and sat down opposite me. I was angry at him. All this happened due to his fault.

-Are you okay, sis? You frighten us.

-Yeah right!

-What do you mean, Drea?

-What? Let’s see… You had to collect me from the parking lot.

     In my eyes there was something… Anger? I don’t know. But I knew he loved me. He felt guilty and I see it. Always hold nice when screw up something.

-Look… I’m sorry. They slowed me down.

-Of course. No doubt. You do not care for me especially. So everything is more urgent than me. I understand you.

     I was not hungry anymore. I throwing the remnants and washed the dish. I went to the stairs, but I stopped for a moment.


-What is it, baby?

-How I got back home?

-One boy led you. Well, he was more like a man. He was found you in unconscious.

     I climb the stairs and went into my room. Again I looked at my clothes. So is his smell there? Interesting… I really wanted to meet the man who saved me. Who was he? Why was there? How did he know where to get me back? I had many questions… One of which is why my brother lied to me, that he do not knowing who the man was? I mean… the boy. My brother had a squealer. Well, he does not know that I know about it.

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Where am I? I feel the earth beneath me in firm and moist. The air carried the smell of the forest. Forest? How? Why am I in the woods? Why do I feel so dizzy? My eyes were opened. Yes, I lay on the ground. Barely see the sky. It was dark. Soon would be dark. I tried to stand. Slowly I am gripped in the earth, but when I tried to stand I was dizzy again and found myself in the dust. I touched my head and felt something wet and sticky. I looked at my hand. Blood. Blood? Oh yeah!  I remember. I was running and trip over a branch. I hit my head. Why I was running? I don’t know. I remember being in school. On the parking. Something frightened me and I ran. My house is on the other side of the park, at the beginning of the forest. I had to wait for my brother Hunter, but he was late. Thus I was there.

     Sticky darkness crept between the trees. It’s become cold and was going to rain. I didn’t know this place. We were new in town. I was scared and confused. I crept up to a large tree. Oak, maybe. It became even colder, and I was wearing jeans, shirt and thin jacket. I turned into a ball. I was tired and hungry. I could not cry. I had no strength. My eyes began to close. I fell asleep. The darkness that surrounds me crept into my mind.

     I relaxed and silent up there… to that tree. I made cold autumn day than to slip into my body and my soul. I felt so helpless and alone… For a moment I felt something warm and somewhat soft. Something strange. Then… nothing. Only deep and impenetrable darkness. I thought: ‘Is this my end? Will I die?’ I prayed for someone to find me. I wanted someone to save me. But I could not believe someone cares. Here… Hunter is probably still with his girlfriend, Molly. My younger sister Megan was too… “good” to speak or go out with me. I think that she thought that I am loser. Well, yes! However, she is 15 years old teen. And my parents… My father, Dean Reed, works to late. I do not know what exactly he was doing. Perhaps there is a company that dealt with different things. I’m not interested. My mother, Sarah, was a reporter in a local newspaper.

     Everyone is so busy with your life that hardly will notice the lack of an outsider. I would not say that I am exactly that, but I’m not a very social person. And yet… I felt something… somebody… But I was so tired that I had not the strength to open my eyes. I was relaxed in this heat. Heat? In this cold day? Strange… very strange…

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             This morning I was early. My father was already gone and my mother was ready to go to the store. Seeing me, she smiled and kissed my forehead.


-Did you done well with the order yesterday, Chris?

-Yes. – I muttered. – Although the house was a little…


-No. Rather ominous. You remember the big dark house in the outskirts?

-That in the Gothic style?

-Yes, it is.

-O, dear! If I knew that it was the house I would send someone else.

-Oh no! Don’t worry. I got a huge tip. Only that I did not know anyone lived there.

-Neither do I. Do you come in the store today?

-I can take from there. I have not decided.


My mother nodded and left. I heard the hum of the engine and then it disappeared. I made a breakfast and sat before the TV. On the news there have been several reports of attacks in recent days, and much material damage. I tried to ignore it. Then the doorbell rang. I got up and went to open. On the threshold were Sally and Bly. I used to feel chills from him, and he looked at me somehow… disturbing. So did Sally seem happy. I invited them to come, but even for a moment I do not relaxed. The girl did not stop to chatter about her meeting last night. Boring, but far better than that to me I wanted to say. Suddenly the boy interrupted her.


-Chris, sorry about yesterday. I…

-It doesn’t matter. – I thought for a moment. – By the way I met who you looking for with your friends.


Bly shudder. Tiny beads of sweat peppered his forehead. And Sally looked in anticipation to see what happens.


-Are you okay? Are you hurt? He…? – His voice trembled.

-No, he doesn’t hurt me. Actually he was quite polite. Too bad that I couldn’t even see his face in the dark.

-Oh, stop! – Sally raised her voice. – Somebody to tell me what is happening?


Bly looked at with some degree of irritation.


-You will tell her or I do it?

-Christina… I…

-So you want the truth, Sally? Okay then.

-Chris, no! – He whispered pleadingly.

-If you want to stay here, will keep silent, Bly. You are guilty. Sally, this idiot here is…


-Werewolf. As those who watch in the movies. Except it is quite true.


Sally looked at me with surprise and then laughed out loud. Undoubtedly she was not believed to my words. I don’t blame her. I myself could not accept it as truth.


-Yeah, right… Bly was werewolf. What do you not! A little more would say that there are vampires, fairies and aliens.

-Well, I am sure about the vampires.

-Enough, you two. To fool you take me? – Sally was angry and left.


I understand her and still felt a little silly when I realized what I utter fables. I myself do not believe. Yet every time the boy was trying to justify… received only opposite another fierce glance on my part. He left without saying a word. Then I was not aware how serious things really are. That this was only the beginning.

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 I went straight home. My mother has told to my father about what happened during the day. She was in euphoric mood. Most of the time I do not listen her. I was thinking about the terrible house. Tremors I used to feet not only the place but the inhabitants, I could see. I unconsciously shuddered. Luckily for me, if I may call it so, nobody noticed it.  And since I got headaches from the nonsense of my mother, I decided to go to bed. Even I did not wish to dine. I went in his room and without disguise threw myself on my bed. I was tired so much so that I could not keep my eyes open. I fell asleep at the moment I closed my eyes.  Fatigue act as my sleeping draft. I had not dreams. Just like last time it was complete darkness.  I slept deeply and soundly. Like the world around me was frozen. This was more than pleasant. It was pity that the awakening was terrible.


Sally burst into my room like she was in home. She pulled the curtains and the sun broke ruthlessly. I groaned slightly and opened my eyes. It is worse when the day begins with irritation.


-Sally? What are you doing here? Is not it a little earlier?

-It’s only eight at the morning. – She said.

-So what? I’m tired. Yesterday I had a very busy day.

-Yes, I heard about it.

-From my mother?

-From your mother. Bly has a crush on you.

-Yeah, right… You talk nonsense.

-Is it impossible for you? I must tell you something, Chris.

-What now, Sally?

-Well, he was acting strangely for some time. I saw him to meet with some strange guys. I thought they’d guns.

-Bly McLane? Guns? Don’t make me laugh.

-Anyway, now get dresses, honey. You must help me.


Help her? She wanted to go with her shopping, because she had a date. This was a disaster and from the work with my mom. But I was not very much choice. Friendship requires sacrifices… so I’ve heard. Sally took me from store to store. Try at least one hundred dresses, but found them deficient. Finally, I become angry and I chose dress for her. It proved successful attempt. She liked the dress. Then we went for accessories. I did not believe it will be possible as a meaningless activity like shopping may take all day. But now that I was wrong. It is entirely possible that is on top of it she left me before sunset. I had to go through the “Park of the Statues” to get home. I was little scared of it, but I saw no other alternative. So I walked fast and did not dare look away from the road. Suddenly, something made me froze in place. He was growling like a dog. Came from both near and far. I knew I had to ran, but the horror of that growl make me numb. Then I saw them. There were three creatures. They looked like huge, dogs or wolves in particular. They were slightly brought forward. But I only say tooth and nail. Two of them jumped at me, but the third growled a sound that sounded like: <Stop! She is with me!>. Then stood up and spoke to me with broken human speech.


<Don’t be afraid, Christina. This is me… Bly.>

-Bly? It is not possible. You… you…

<I am a werewolf. That’s right. Don’t be afraid. I will not hurt you.>

-I… I…


Then the other two began to get nervous and growling. I was not the reason. As far as I could hear, they mentioned the word “Vampire”. Then all three went down to the northern part of the park. Direction opposite to mine. I went ahead, but I could not do and ten feet. My body betrayed me. Maybe the shock was bigger that I thought. My head was dizzy and I would have fainted, but someone grabbed my hips in one hand. He kept me slightly, but I was stable. I slightly lifted. I could not see his face better. For a moment I felt that I was close to his body and his tongue went down my neck. I shuddered because I realized what follows. I saw just how sharp teeth penetrate the darkness. I closed my eyes instinctively. But contrary to my expectations, he does not bite me. I felt his breath and then I heard him to whisper shadowy.


-I will not kill you. I enjoyed on the breakfast that I need already.

-I… er…

-W-sh-sh-sh… Easy. Soon the cubs will come back. You better get home.


Despite the apparent concern in the words uttered, I felt their chill. Vampire loosed his grip and I was free. I heard the last thing he said: <Ran!>. And I ran with all my strength and not look back. I had not the courage even to look at the face of the stranger. All that was engraved into my mind was the force with which he had me to not fallen and the sharp teeth flashing on the weak moonlight. At that moment I knew one thing: running.


Once I found myself in front of my house, I stopped. I took a breath and my heart pounding in my chest with all his might. I tried to calm down, not to worry my parents. And they would surely thing that I am crazy if I told them what happened. In fact, as you think about it, it was not something that can be trusted. If I had not seen with my eyes and I would not have believed. But if all this were not the fruit of my imagination? Was he invented, to escape the monotony? In that time it was difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. Just unlocked the door and entered. It was dark, so I lit the lamp. On the small table in the hallway was a note. It seems my parents went to dinner at the home of their friends. This meant that I was alone there. For the first time I felt fear and insecurity in my own home.


I went to my room and hid under the covers. There was no one to call. Sally was on date and Bly… He was part of the problem. But amidst this confusion was a matter question which little by little conquering my mind by shifting all fear. Why the vampire do not killed me? Not even scratched me. Actually he was kind to me in some special way. I could not understand anything of what happened. However it was not possible. Vampires and werewolves are fiction. I tried to clear my mind and forget all this. Instill that it is my imagination. Still… What the stranger did… You could say that this was the most intimate moment in my life. I felt excitement when the memory floated in my mind. I even hit a slap to get rid of this useless stupor. It worked.


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 The door of house closes. The butler was about to put flowers in crystal vase, but the woman took them from his hands. Breathed their fragrance and smiled, revealing her long canines. The old man withdrew and the woman suffered roses inside the building. Finally released in one large room. There were two men. The one was he who loved to walk in the “Park of Statues”. He was sitting on the velvet couch.  He seemed totally indifferent. On the other hand you can’t be said it for the other man. He was reading something and seemed excited. He was medium height with green eyes and black hair. He was modern clothing. The woman looked at them with equanimity.


-So… What you read, Mason?  You look happy.

-Sequence of human creations.

-What about you, Alexander? What bothers you?



This was the name of those who walked in the park. Alexander de Florent. His origin was not very clear. On his face expressed nothing but was clearly bored. Suddenly he looked at the flowers and then to the woman’s face.


-Why are you these flowers? In the garden have roses.

-I like flowers, but I’m more intrigued by the girl who brought them.

-Come on, Celeste. Your games are boring.

-For you… maybe. – Broke the second man… Mason.

-You do not meddle.


They argued with the occasion. Disputes were short, but sometimes really heated.  Yet there are still ‘alive’ as they might be called. And Celeste often acted as a buffer. However, she was “created” both. You could say that they were a little “happy family”.


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 I went home shortly before midnight. My parents were already asleep. I went to my room. Quickly I took off my clothes. For some unexplained for me reason I felt like something profaned me. Like the clothes I wore were covered with something disgusting. This feeling disappeared after I took a long hot shower and put on my gown of light material. I went to bed and close my eyes. It did not take long to sink into blissful sleep, devoid of sound or vision. I was calm and relaxed. People said: “Good things last a short time”. And definitely not wrong. When I opened my eyes, bright sunlight blinded me. Covering my face with my hands. Apparently my mother had pulled the curtains because I heard she called me to get up and get ready. I ask myself <Is it morning already?>. Like a moment ago I closed my eyes, but now it’s time for breakfast. I was little mystified, but I accepted it as a result of last night excitement.


I stood up and reluctantly took off my nightgown. I put most ordinary jeans and shirt. On my bare feet I put soft slippers. Then carefully combed my hair and then tied in a ponytail. Once I was ready I went downstairs and went into the kitchen. My mother had prepared a wonderful breakfast consisting of toast with butter, fruits, tea, coffee and juice. My father was reading the morning newspaper and from time to time by sipping hot coffee. I sat at the table opposite him. No one spoke. Everyone was busy with his own actions and thoughts. At one time my mother, absorbed in her thoughts, told me that I should help her in the family flower shop. She never looked at me. It’s like talking to herself. No opposed to it. Anyway, I had free time. And I loved going to the store. Flowers calming me. Its beauty captivated me with their color and their divine scent made me feel amazing. Of all flowers the most loved was the red rose. It sounds trite, but true. Not just because of their beauty and fragrance. For me they were an example of the dangers that may present beauty.


After breakfast each took on the job. My father was a lawyer in a small office. He moves before us for a meeting with a client. Shortly after, I and my mother went to the store. In the beginning was quiet. We had no clients and enable us to change the layout of some of the flowers. But not long after the customers began to stream one after another. I began to wonder whether there is a holiday or something. Thank God we had a huge greenhouse next to the store. Until now no such thing had happened. Maybe because our location was almost out of town. But that day we had a spectacular turnover. My mother was very excited. Not stop smiling when send or receive the customers. And I was too busy to have time to smile. I was grateful that at least we had lunch. For a moment even I started to get irritated by all this commotion. Of course, I had to deal with it as it continued until end of the day. But that wasn’t the most irritating. About half an hour before the end of the day, the phone rang. My mom answered. Then come to me, prepared a huge bouquet of red roses and handed it to me. Then I handed the sheet of paper with the address.  That was just great. I had to bring the bouquet in the client’s home. Would pay well. There was no point to resisting. So I took the flowers and left. I got into a taxi and it drove me to the address. I stayed numb when I found myself before a large iron gate with spikes. The house was huge and in the Gothic style. I heard about this place but I could not believe that someone lives there. I prayed this not to be a joke and I passed that way in the dark for nothing. I risked and rang the bell on the left side of the gate. A few minutes later came into place and the gate will open automatically. I walked slowly and haltingly. Then I went down the alley of huge stone slabs. It seemed odd that there was no light. Neither the driveway nor the building itself. With every stop my heart beat faster. This place scares me. However,  I continued forward. I reached half way, when something stirred behind the shrubbery. Instinctively I ran forward. I stood up in front of solid wood and iron. I pressed the bell. My heart was racing like crazy.


Several minutes later the door opened. On the threshold stood old man with blue eyes and graying hair that nearly missed the crown. He was wearing a black vest, white shirt and black wool pants. In simple terms: like butlers in the movies. He looked me up and down. I explained why I was there. He nodded slightly. Then from inside the building heard a voice. It was kind of soft and silvery as a beautiful melody. Say the words with a strange accent.


-What is it, Walter? – The voice belonged to a woman.


The old man turned slightly and answered. His voice was deep and quiet.


-The roses arrived, ma’am.



The woman appeared before my eyes. She was just wonderful. She looked like a porcelain doll, which entailed the windows of expensive antique shops. There was a long dusty-blond hair attached to the tiara. Her eyes were blue and deep. Her skin was snow white and stood out against the long red dress, which she wore. She looked me straight in the eyes, but her expression did not express anything. I made the flowers of the butler, and he handed me the money. There were more than necessary, so I started to back part thereof. He said I should keep them. I felt awkward, but I got them in my pocket. I turned and walked to the gate. Despite the impenetrable darkness, I felt their eyes on me. It was eerie. Not lost and second and hurried to get out of there as soon as possible. I took a breath only when I came out on the street. I stopped taxi and lost in a seemingly endless stream of cars.



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