Apr. 11th, 2013

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    Let’s start with: ‘What is SST?’ This is called Supernatural Special Team. Team, that deals with special cases associated with supernatural events and crimes. Of course, they work perfectly legal as the Police Department. Something like a demon hunters to the police. The president of the country ordered the creation of this team. The cops did not like SST. They call them with different names, most commonly used: ‘ a bunch of crazy lunatics with guns.’

     Why the existence of the Unit is necessary? Well, the reason is simple. The supernatural beings (those who should not exist or so-called ‘fairy creatures’) decided to not hide anymore. Exactly for that they made them part of society. And as you’ve probably guessed,not everyone agreed with this. However, who wants to be surrounded by murderers or potential ones? For this the department was created, to deal with them.

     Originally the Team had only human members. But once it became clear that people are not sufficient, the chief took quite a difficult decision. They recruited several… non-human beings. While the witches and wizard (in all its varieties, including necromancers) are considered mid range. Initially the voltage was pretty high, but over times this changed. People and the others began to live in a relatively harmonious relationship.

     How I know all this? Let’s say that I have experience with this… Organization. But it has yet to understand.

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  It had been more than five years since the supernatural beings came to light. Now people accept them as commoplace, as opposed to five years ago. Then it was like: ‘ shock and awe’. And how people looked at me when they found what I am… It was fun. Unlike now. The only bothered me were members of the squad. I have seen many like them throughout the years. But I did not mention what I am, right? Vampire. I’m a vampire. About 600 years or so. My name is Jessica Frost. To create a larger picture of myself I will share my appearance. But don’t think that I do advertising. Well, I’m not very high but I would say that is suitable for female height. Years ago I had dark hair, but now it is unusually blond… almost white. One could say that I look like the ‘Ice Queen’. But impresses. Usually I have dark blue eyes, but when I accept vampire form they become so light blue that almost lose their color. Many people say I’m a real beauty.

     Let’s start with how I met with SST. There was one case. Murder of a young girl. According to what I knew the victim was tortured and killed. Her blood missing. Of course, the first in the list were vampires. As if we only drink blood. How dumb. They arrested us. We were not more than 15 vampires in the city. They interrogated us. Unlike others, I was quite relaxed. Not for the first time I was going. That’s why I was courteous. Who can presure that they will accept my best behavior for mockingly? They were pretty rough, but this did not impress me. I’m a vampire, dammit! Few things are able to surprised me.

     Finally, the case is allowed and they had to release me. cases they had no contact with vampires. I’m sure that ther were quite scold for the error. Fun. But since then I decided it would be better to stay away from them. I don’t like problems with cops. Although it is quite fun to annoy them. Of course, that makes me mad to some degree. I don’t like to be humiliate by these fools who do not even come close to my age. The young have no respect. Although if you see me will think I’m almost child. Well, yes. I became a vampire when I was only twenty years old. And since the story is not much fun I will going to tell later.

      Although I live in a huge house with a butler and have many activities, I do not lose sight of what is happening. It is fun to watch how department is sweat of tension in cases in which the work is too complicated. If they had a vampire in the team would be easier. I’m not saying that I want this post. And, yes… It’s rude to gloat, but they deserve it. And I like it. Whether sorry victims? No way. I don’t care. Long ago I off unnecessary emotions. Now I’m just… How do people say it? A soulless bitch that takes human life as a joke. I must admit… I’m just one.

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   The house where I live is in the Gothic style. Even during the day seems a bit bleak. It may be cliché, but I have a cemetery and crows. People avoid this place for obvious reasons. I like this because I provide peace of mind. Futhermore, I can work without bothering me some idiots. What I work? Many things. But mostly I deal with detective work, but with occultism and antiques of all kinds too. I am a person with diverse interests. I do not accept cases which crossed my path with that of SST. And if you care… I don’t do it for money. It’s actually pretty fun. I can kiss as much as I want and nobody will judge me. Because my victims are geeks and monsters.

     A day or rather night, I sat in my office. I review documents. Most cases was sending by the police stations. They said that SST are busy. In a sense, I steal their cases just below their nose. Anyway. During my review of the dossier in a case hase been closed, my butler – Simmons, came into office with a tray on which there was a cup of coffee. Oh yeah! I can drink coffee. Over time, vampires learn how to deal with such minor things. I got coffee and partook of it.

-Wonderful… as always. – I rare compliment, but my butler deserve them completely.


     Then I heard steps well before the bell on the door announced the presence of an unexpected guest. Simmons went to open it. It turned out that I have a potential client who comes to me personally instead of going to the police. Vampire hearing is unique and quite useful. My butler invited her.

     Through the door came a small woman about 30 years. She was beauty. There are beautiful black hair and nice green eyes. There was a sport figure, which shows that she is  often practiced. She was wearing a plain silk shirt and black skirt to the knees. She was worried by something, but is was not me. I want to say that I am not the reason that she was worry. I invited her to sit down opposite me.

-How can I hepl you, Miss…?

-Summers. Peyton Summers. – She got up and handed me her hand.

     Interesting. Usually people are embarrassed to do such a thing. For this I took her hand then re-settled.

-Well, Miss Summers? How can I help you?

-Well, I… I have a problem.

-I am sure you it is.

     She looked at me in astonishment.

-Let us be clear. People do not seek my help just like that. But please… Speak calmly.

     She told me about her problems. Or more accurately about her problems. In the beginning she told me that her younger sister Amber ran away from home. The girl was only 17 years old. Peyton said that she did not know the reason for her escape. Hypocrite. She knew exactly why the girl escaped. Now I knew too, because I sneak into the mind of the woman.another problem is that for some time now the place where she lives is attaced by ‘strange’ beings. All horses were owned by the family were torn apart.

     I watching the woman. She has a secret. Dark secret. While I already know it.

-Is that all, Miss?


-You can go to the police. Or SST.


-Supernatural Special Team. Why not go there?

-Well, I…

-Excuses are useless. Do you thing that you can hide something from a vampire?

     I looked at her so that she could tell what I mean. Her secret was revealed. I might be a monster, but its so-called secret made me maddening. Later I will explain about it. I told her that I will discuss her case at least with regard to the monsters. And as for little Amber… I will find her just to know that she is well. I had no intention to return her to her ‘home’.

     The butler send my client. During this time I picked up the telephone and called the only cop who I respected. It was a detective Grace Miles. She is 52 years old but she was youthful and one would hardly believe that she passes 50 years. I know her from long time. I think it will become… how… 35 years old? Yes… She was almost child when I met her. There were serious problems in her family and she had escaped. I remember the night when I saw her for the first time. Someone beat her and left her in a dirty street. I was in mood to help this unfortunate creature. Yes… Touchung story.

     The phone rang several times before I hear the familiar friendly voice.



-Jess? Is that you?

-Who else?

-It took a long time. I thought you forgot me.

-I couldn’t. I’m just busy.

-The detective work, right?

-You are heard about it. Anyway. Can I see you? Soon if this is possible.

-When and where? – She asked without hesitation.

-You choose.

     Such details bores me. But not her. She chose a small café in one of the common areas. The time was 10:00 AM. I agreed and hung up the phone. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Yes… This case seems to be quite… interesting.

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Chapter 3


      10:00 am. Cafe ‘McCoy’. At the time of the day was not very full. Of all twenty tables only seven of them were occupied. The customers were mostly from nearby offices and if I’m not mistaken there were two men with suits, which certainly were lawyers. On the table at the end of the café stood a woman in tight suit. Her hair was dyed. In brown. No matter how much time will pass. I could not make a mistake. I walked into the café and all eyes rested on me. I passed slowly between the tables and I stopped at the table of woman. She stood up. She looked at me, smiled and hugged me. This provided me the opportunity to see the silver cross that hung from her neck.

-You have not changed, Jess. Neither one day.

-And you become more beautiful, Grace.

-And older. – She laughed and gestured me to sit. – Well? What you wanted to meet me?

-Can’t I see my old friend?

-Both know that you don’t like such sentiments.

-You’re right. When I called you… - I started slowly to pick my words correctly. – I had a client. She is looking for her sister, but was also attacked by monsters.

-You will deal with them. Where is the problem?

-The reason that has led the girl to escape…

-Did she tell you why? – Detective Miles asked with typical cops curiosity.

-No. But you know that I can read the thoughts of everyone. And the reason is… It is not something you would share with anyone.

-Don’t keep me in suspense, Jess! Tell me why.

-The girl was abused. Every possible way.

-From whom? – I saw anger in her eyes.

-Her step-father. And her sister – my client – she betrayed her sister. Something like: ‘Let’s tortured her, not me.’ – I paused for a moment because I was not sure… - She will be dead, I’ll kill the bitch. – I replied while sipping sip cappuccino.

-Do you have evidence?

-No. I now got a case. The bitch probably has thought that if I am a vampire I will accept such a thing.

-Okay. I’ll check. Send me the information you have. I will help you.

-I’m glad to hear it.

      My slime quickly evaporated when in the café became the members of the SST. They saw me and they were not very happy. For the moment, they pretending that they do not see me. Well, I did the same. Grace noticed a sudden change in my behavior. She did not say anything because she was aware of what was my relationship with them. That’s why I told her that I will call her and I left.




     SST joined Grace Miles.

-You know this vampire? – the oldes member of the group asked, he was 60-year-old Carlos Rodrigez.

-Yes, lieutenant. I’ve known her for many years. Please don’t talk bad about her.

-Why not? She is like all… - Taylor Hicks noted,

     Grace was a woman patient. She could bear to be offend, but not her friend.

-But not all vampires saved me from death or worse.

-What do you mean, detective?

-She saved my life when I was a kid. She get me out of the abyss of terror and helped me become what I am now. But you are entitled. She can kill. She makes it when is necessary. But she can also be kind and caring. As in her new case. But of course her client decided to seek her than you.

      Grace left money on the table. She rose and walked away. She did not wait to see the reaction of members of the SST. The truth is that she doesn’t like them much. Maybe because… what they do. And they are rude and arrogant with the cops.

     They are seated at the table and s waitress cleaned it and took they order. While they waiting, the men talked.

-We should check this ‘case’! – Taylor said.

-I can not believe that a human would choose the help of a monster instead to seek us or the cops. – Richard said after that he was silent all the time.

     Yes… They were determined to intervene in my work. Damn them!

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Chapter 4


   I wait until dark and went for a walk. I was dressed as usual… comfortable and sexy. I browsing the city. I felt how people look at me. One part of the people hated vampires because they are afraid of us. But there was another part. People who love us and felt lust. They give everything to get some of our time. Voluntary blood donors. Modern people are very… helpful.

     At night, the city is full of people. Most of them were honky geeks: prostitutes and pimps, drunks, drug addicts and homeless. As people seeking fun for one night. Of course, and supernatural creatures were out after dark. In short: here is never boring.

     I stopped for a moment and lit a cigarette. It’s cool to be a vanpire because we can do whatever we want without consequences. Then some blond woman approached me. She was dressed in an elegant suit. Lawyer? Yes. She asked me if I have a lighter and pulled out cigarette. I give her my lighter.

-Tell me… What are you looking in place like this… lawyer? – I exhale the smoke away from her.

-Search for interesting experiences.

     I understood her suggestion. She wanted to ‘donate’ blood. For the people to giving blood to a vampire was stronger even than sex. That’s why they could not stop after the first time. But if I am right this would be the first time for her. Fascinating.

-You like playing with fire, huh?

-That’s right. Do you want to join me?

     I smiled and walked with her. Here, hotels are unpleasant, but at least they offer privacy and no one cares what you do there. We entered in the room and she shut the door. She leave her bag on the only table in the room. She started to opening her shirt. I watched at her. I prefer men, but sometimes it’s happen to have fun and with beautiful lady. We (vampires) are pretty free in that way. I speak not only for drinking blood.

     The woman came and hugged me around the waist. She was slight higher than me. I reneging her hair. I looked at her and told her to relax. Then carefully push my tongue of her neck to soften the skin. She moaned. I stuck my teeth in her neck. In the beginning it’s hurt, but pretty quickly she was able to relax. I felt her body react to my actions. She burning with passion. Even initially had no such intentions, now she wanted more than to drink her blood. I read her mind. She wanted to cast her on the bed and rip her clothes. She wanted sex, although she has never been with woman in that way. But this is normal. The vampires have such influence on people. Just that right now I did not want to play games. Too bad. She seems quite… heated and horny.

     When I stopped to drink her blood, I wiped my lips.

-Thanks for… drink!

-Is that all? I thought…

-I know, baby! Maybe next time. Today I have more important work to do.

-But… - she hugged me, but not to stop me.

-Don’t be sad. Beautiful girls should not cry.

     She nodded, then went and took something from her bag. Business card. Submit it to me.

-Sharon Letterman. Nice name for a lawyer.

-What is your name?


-Jessica… - she repeated very gently. – I… How can I find you if…

-Check the list of private detectives. There is no other vampire… except me.

-You’re a private detective?

     I smiled to her surprise. I kissed her slightly and disappeared into the night, leaving her alone in that seedy whorehouse. A little rough on my side, but we (the vampires) do so.

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 Chapter 5


     In most vampires drinking blood leads to euphoria. For me… Well, I don’t feel anything like that. Just another meal. But when I think of… maybe I found the right person. Never bad to have a lawyer on my side. And I’m sure I can count on the loyalty of the young lady.

     I was not driving. I walked away. I retractable home. I had almost come when someone expected me to my home. To the gate of my home waiting for me a car. When I approached, from the car went down a man. Tall and really beautiful. I could tell that he have sporting physique. There was a medium-long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was dressed normally – jeans, shirt and leather jacket. There was something in him. I could not tell for sure. One thing was clear: he is from SST.

     I approached him.


-Well, well, well… What are looking here guy like you? Or SST sent you here to investigate?

    He seemed serious.

-Need to talk to you, Miss Frost.

-Hmm… You know my name… Who are you?

-Richard Edwards. – He handed me a hand.

    Few did it, especially those who wanted to show superiority. This man was not afraid of me. I answered on the handshake. I invited him to enter in the house. So I gave him to understand that and I’m not afraid of him. He followed me. Almost we entered in the house when I realized what he was. Oh yeah! What a surprised only. I smiled without he to see me.

    We went inside and went directly to my office. I asked Simmonse to bring coffee to the cop. We watched each other for some time.

-Well? What do you want… a cop? Or I must say… a werewolf?

     He looked at me with surprise, although it should not be.

-You know that?

-Please, cop! I’m long in the game. Just I don’t understand… How SST employ someone like you, since they does not tolerate non-humans?

-You must have noticed that in the team had supernatural members.

-You said it. There! Past time. I know that they kicked all of them. But not you. So they do not know… Interesting. – I laughed because I knew that this irritates him.

     He growled slightly.

-Okay. Let’s talking on the merits. What do you want?

-Information about the case that you took.

    I laughed.

-Damn! I was not expected that you are so stupid.

-Watch your mouth, bloodsuckers!

-You came into my house, insist on getting something that is not your job and even dare to be rude. I am nice, but not so much. And this is confidential. You know how it is. And now… go.

     I was visible irritated by his mere presence. For this again I demanded him to leave my home. He stood up with visible reluctance. But definitely he do not want to confrontation with me. He apologize and leave my house. I stayed alone and I was surprised by myself. I was very calm. The truth is that he annoyed me just because he was a member of that group. I did not care whether he is a human or not. Although I definitely liked him. So confident and strong… But I’m not a fool that will fall in the net of a man. No way!


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